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Our Mission Our Goals

To create, procure, assemble and make available Educational and Informational content for children that address social issues, current news, health and safety.

ETVFUND, through its relationships with content providers and hardware vendors, will identify Educational and Informational video content interesting to children for which they can benefit. The fund will award Grants to schools in their communities and nationwide to enable them to procure the equipment and the content.

Our Primary goals are to :
Distribute high quality television news programs edited to be classroom and youth appropriate.
Develop and administer classroom tools for educators that compliment the successful Teen Kids News Program an innovative news program presented for teens, by teens seen on over 200 commercial television stations and fed to 17,5000 schools.
Provide a Current Events curriculum for K - 12 students, which have been eliminated in schools as a cost saving device.
Award grants to third world countries to promote education for women in the field of broadcast journalism.


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