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' Eyewitness News ' creator Al Primo helps produce kids' show in Georgia

Al Primo, the guy who created "Eyewitness News" and, six years ago, "Teen Kids News," believes the future of journalism belongs to kids.

So, when he got an e-mail from a programmer at Rustavi 2, a TV network in the Republic of Georgia, looking for help with a children's show, Primo was more than willing to help. "I have a real commitment that the future of news is in the hands of young people," Primo said.

"It's good for democracy, it's good for moving forward.". After arriving at Republic of Georgia, he put a small announcement on air. Soon, some 2,300 kids applied to be anchors and reporters for the Tv show. Primo suggested they use some of the same techniques and features incorporated into the domestic version of "Teen Kids News,"

The Georgian version of "Teen Kids News" launched March 22 at 7 p.m. on Rustavi 2. "It proves to me there is this need," Primo said of the Georgian venture. "I expect this will be a success .



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