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  Welcome to The Education Television Fund

The Education Television Fund, a not for profit, media-centered organization develops and delivers cutting-edge curriculum that allows K - 12 educators to incorporate media arts and media literacy tools into their core curriculum.

We seek to enhance excellence in teaching through the distribution of youth appropriate programs with coordinated printed materials and web resources to supplement the teaching repertoire and encourage the development of more effective methods to share ideas and knowledge.

We seek to strengthen the teaching of civics and social studies locally, nationally and internationally through in-school education tools that build critical and creative thinking skills and improve student's media literacy and academic performance.

We have selected AdComp Systems Group, which has developed wide screen TV monitors in school buses that play “Commercial-Free”, “Edu-taining” segments from Teen Kids News, NASA and other content providers, on school buses in dozens of school districts in the Texas area. The program has received grants from Target and others and is expanding rapidly.

Schoolbus-TV is “Making kids safer & smarter… by the bus-load”.

We work with BKFK, an integrated family and educational marketing company, to encourage kid-driven innovation.

BKFK supports educators and parents by providing tools and programs to motivate youth to create, invent, and inspire greatness. BKFK programs provide educational materials to help elevate students’ creative thinking, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Programs include in-school and out-of-school materials, as well as online competitions fostering innovation.

We have selected a FCC approved children's program, Teen Kids News, to telecast segments on financial literacy, health and other issues facing children.

That program is telecast to 202 TV stations, 1,000 locations in 175 countries via the Armed Forces Network each week. They also have a unique feature which appeals to our foundation. After delivering the program by satellite to the stations, they bring it back into the studio, remove all the commercials, and send a purely educational program to almost 10,000 schools.




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